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August 07, 2008


Diane Cesa

Elliot -- what a thoughtful comment. I'm so glad that this post got you thinking. I love what you said about the teacher's words providing you with a perspective check. How wonderful! I know what it's like to be stuck in your head. For me a teacher's chatter takes me a bit out of my head but not as much as practicing to my own breath. It's different for everyone. That's why I'm so glad that you commented -- I love hearing the perspective of others. You just provided me with a perspective check. Thank you!


The perspective you shared about practicing in silence really got me thinking about why it is that I continue to love practing with a teacher's guidance even though I'm a somewhat experienced yogi. I guess I hadn't fully thought through all of the things that I come to yoga for... you describe coming to the mat to practice and experiencing the chatter as clutter. After thinking about it I've realized the talk is essential for me because I come to the mat to practice, yes, but even more importantly because I need a perspective check. I find that I can get very stuck inside my own head and my own (sometimes obsessive) thought patterns. The soothing talk of a teacher helps me unplug from my own mental chatter, absorb a new perspective, and decompress. For this reason I like to practice with varied teachers, and Anusara teachers in particular. I find that I really enjoy the changing offerings of and Hillary's yoga practice podcast.

Diane Cesa

Chai -- what an excellent comment! Thank you for providing another point of view. I've never quite looked at the chatter as a way of connecting. Thank you for offering a different perspective!

Diane Cesa

Oh Marion thank you for your lovely comment. I'm so glad that my words have helped you in some way. That's the whole reason I blog so it's gratifying to know that someone is benfitting. You're right -- yoga isn't about achieving. It's about being you and celebrating yourself. Enjoy!



I have been reading this blog for a few months now, so I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your writing. I am very much a beginner and I can be a bit hard on myself for not being "good" enough yet - I've got a classic ego here! But your blog reminds me daily that yoga isn't about achieving, it isn't about looking pretty, it isn't even about flexibility. With your words in my head, I am approaching yoga in a new, and far more healthy, way. This is my favourite blog!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I enjoyed reading this post, namely because it's such a different experience from my own. I adore the chatter that happens in class. People often express different points of view of the dharma, and that I find is enlightening. I love the sound of people connecting, not just because they're simultaneously doing a pose, but because they're sharing ideas.

Not that I want the entire class to be "discussions", then I would go to a lecture. But to thread the dharma through the class is one of the wonderful reminders (for me) why this is yoga, and not power aerobics.

john calabria


I enjoyed your post. As a talkative teacher, I prefer a silent home practice.

I've heard from students who like the monologue, the encouragement, the quotes.
I've heard from students who appreciate quiet. I try for a mix, and once in a while, turn the ipod off and teach in silence. you've inspired me to trim some words.


I just posted the trailer for the new Yoga Documentary Enlighten Up! at It's premiering at theaters across the country, showing in Boston and Cambridge in September. Might be a nice add to your blog

Take care,


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