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January 27, 2009


Diane Cesa

I'm with you on Headstand Om Gal. It's one of my favorite poses and perfect for a midday break. Often I'll recharge in Headstand or Viparita Karani. It reenergizes me and helps me get on with my day in a more relaxed and joyous way. Thanks for chiming in!

Diane Cesa

Hi Hannah! Thanks for contributed your wisdom. You bring up such a great point. Thank you for sharing!

Diane Cesa

Hi Catherine! You're very welcome. Enjoy!

Diane Cesa

Hi Flo -- Thanks for your comment. I completely agree. Going with the flow is key. I've found that so many folks need permission to practice in short bursts rather than long ones. I used to be that way myself. Thanks again for chiming in with your feedback!

Om Gal

When I'm pressed for time, I do an inversion- usually headstand. I find that it's such a potent, effective posture that even a little bit goes a long way. Immediately, I feel more balanced, grounded, and relaxed, simply by flipping my world upside down for a while.


I was looking for something like this. Thanks so much for sharing it...I will pass the videos on as well to my friends and family so they might feel inspired to try yoga...

Namaste and be well!

Hannah Elsebø

Another great post. Teaching yoga at a gym, you almost always live by looking at the clock. Plus I have to say my 30min classes actually feel most rewarding. Proving whether it's 5mins or 60mins, taking time for yourself has no time limit.


Thanks for the suggestions.
I really try to fit in some practice daily. However, you have to go with the ebb and flow of life. I fit in longer practices when I can, but sometimes life doesn't allow for a 2 hour practice.

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