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August 20, 2009



In our Iyengar tradition we teach 2 hour classes and I find often find that students neglect a home practice because they feel they spend enough time in class. I often urge them to spend 15-20 minutes a day, rather than none. Once they can wrap their head around the fact that it need not be perfect or timed, I think they will spontaneously view the kitchen counter or the bathroom sink as newfound props and start the journey.I will point them in the direction of your post.Thank you.


Regularity is one thing that is an absolute must when wanted to get an effect for Yoga or Ayurveda,very helpful discussion indeed.

Bob Weisenberg

Excellent advice. I figured out a long time ago that asana would not be my thing, because I play tennis and related weight training 4-6 times a week, and that's plenty of physical activity for me!

So I routinely do a ten minute Yoga-like, but tennis specific stretching routine before every tennis match or weight-training session. Then I do lots of pranayama and meditation.

My wife Jane swears by the Jason Crandall videos.

Thanks for the blog.

Bob W.


Very good info ! Read more about Kundalini Yoga on


There can be a mental block for people who feel like since the few minutes they can devote to their practice is so small, it's not worth doing at all! Something is always better than nothing! On that note, I think I have some asana to practice!

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