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February 29, 2012


Account Deleted

Great read! Its been great to know about and would like to appreciate your efforts. Hatha Yoga can surely help a lot.

Jon Sookocheff

Yogis don't smoke:



I finally got the chance to read and comment on your post. First of all, thanks for sharing your insights! It seems like we share many opinions!
I never bothered to write anything of my own on John "Boyfriend's" case, simply because what have happened doesn't surprise me at all. It's not new and we will continue to see it in the future. In India for instance, the same happens almost every year or two. But I am asking what's wrong with that? He enjoyed his romance as much as the women he slept with, two adult people, don't seem to be wrong to me! Better than abuses happening on children in catholic churches. He was simply doing best he could. Hormones are very strong entity and often intelligence is being hijacked by it!
After all, it was us who believed that somebody is what he only pretends to be. We were blind and stupid. Fake guru will always attract fake people!

Genuine seeker should remember one thing: there are no gurus to choose from ok?! If you happen to come a cross a real guru even once in your life time, you are very fortunate being! Don't thing that this good, friendly guy you are visiting twice a week is your guru. You're wrong! He may be your friend, he maybe your teacher, but not your guru!

So how can I find my guru then? and how will I recognize him?
It's simple. Real guru will give you an experience. He will crank your energy and have you "see beyond" in such a way, that you won't believe that's actually you sitting there! A real guru will not only have mastery over his energy, but over yours also. When you meet such a being, when you come across to such a possibility, you will not rely on him; you will be willing to give your life to him, if you're intelligent enough.



Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject of guru worship and "soul mate" expectations!

I must say that I agree with you completely. Being a yoga instructor myself, I have often found that people have expectations regarding my behavior. Just because I love yoga and love to share the practice doesn't mean I signed up to be a nun or an ascetic! For example, I find that when I see students in the grocery store, they examine my shopping cart to see what I am eating. BTW, I like chocolate cookies and ice cream!

When I lived in India to study yoga, other students/teachers would ask me, "What series are you practicing, are you a vegetarian, do you eat eggs, etc?" What difference does it make what I do? How does this effect them? I find this ego-based comparison spiritual competition which is the opposite of what the teachings are.

I have often told students not to be attached to me as their teacher. I am simply a guide to lead them to discover their practice for themselves. Yoga is the true teacher.

As for love, I haven't been successful in that realm yet. I don't even think people are meant to be monogamous for decades and decades. It is an unrealistic expectation as we are all continuing to evolve are grow and become interested in new things (well, hopefully!)
Anyway, thanks for your post! It's spot on!

"I have faith in yoga and the practice of yoga. I have respect for teachers -- some more than others -- but ultimately I go with my gut."

AMEN & HALLELUJAH! Thank you for that refreshing, wonderful honesty.

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