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March 26, 2012


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Geoffrey Hale

This was great for me to read. I recently wrote "I'm the Most Boring Man Alive" much about being alone and how much I enjoy it or even prefer its peace. But in particular, I was glad you wrapped 'being present' into the same article. That's generally a suggestion at which I roll my eyes - not literally - but you'd already won me over with the solo parade. I'm a fan of carrying my future with me, especially whenever I'm faced with a choice - more so the more life altering the choice feels. But recently, I've exhausted myself with carrying the burden of myself, or rather, my future. Thank you for the inspiration to return to the weightless now.


Stephanie Silberer-Cullen

Thank for this post! It is so true. I have experienced similar situations both off the mat and on the mat. Thanks for sharing!


I love this post. I often right about presence in my blog. Thanks for another eloquent way to think about it. I've love for you to check out my blog and get your thoughts. Namaste!

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