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March 16, 2012


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Diane Cesa

Hi Devora --
Many studios offer free classes in return for volunteer work, so don't be shy about asking. Please let me know how it goes.

Erik Jacobson

I personally spend almost zero on yoga I practice everyday at home and don't even use a yoga mat, besides some books and dvds that I buy on amazon I spend almost zero.

But the price tag for the convention has more to do with controlling the amount of people who flood the convention. lets say it was $100 or less for the weekend. It would be overflowing with thousands and thousands of people to much to control. And another reason its a higher price tag is to make sure you have an active participation and vested interest in the convention. The higher the investment the better attention you will pay


I absolutely agree with you about both the worthiness of ourselves as an investment, AND about the sinking feeling that often comes with inflated costs for not enough return.

My recent experience has been with a yoga studio in my town - I LOVE the teacher and the space, but it feels so wrong to me to pay $18/class, even though I want to support the community. I just can't afford it. It also feels wrong to me not to go. My solution, for now, is to see if I can volunteer or help out at the studio and maybe get the cost reduced or waived.

What do you think?

- Devora

Yogini World Mantra artist Lea Longo

Hi Diana

great thoughts, as usual.... I agree with over-prized conferences, I am choosy .... re: Yoga spending ...I ( we ) my husband and I spend mostly on vacations ,we try to get away 2 times a year. In the vacation, I try to squeeze in a massage or yoga class or something for "me" ..... :)

peace to you

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