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May 10, 2012


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Diane Cesa

Thanks Simon!

Diane Cesa

I hear you Jodi! I often take technology black-out days. I think technology is wonderful, but it needs to be balanced with other things like connection. Thanks for your comment.

Diane Cesa

Ouch Rebecca! I'm sorry to hear about your ankle. Hope you heal up quickly. And don't be too hard on yourself -- we ALL do it!

Jodi Biglow

Wow - very interesting observations. I think about this a lot. I know for me, having an Iphone is a huge distraction. In some ways its great to be able to connect instantly to friends or to the internet, but on the other hand, it is often used as a distraction when I could be resting "within". And I can't tell you the number of times I see people together where they are together with each other but busy texting all their friends who are not there. Sometimes I just want to sign out of this current society!


I really enjoyed your article about Yoga. One of the things that always makes my feel connected is the point where the sea meets the earth. Beaches are a great place to practice and you can't deny the feeling of being so close to nature.

Have a little look at this video of a great lady talking about her yoga classes that she does on the beach in Mauritius.

Hope you enjoy it!

Rebecca Stahl

This could not have been posted at a better time. Just yesterday I was walking down the stairs and checking my email on my phone. I missed the last stair and sprained my ankle. It's embarrassing, but it's also a reflection of being too focused on the external, especially for someone who professes to practice yoga in daily life. It was quite a wake-up call. Thanks for the reminder to come back to the internal in our moments of looking to the rest of the world for our answers. Many thanks!

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