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May 28, 2012


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Diane Cesa DeGiorgio

Thank you for offering up your list, Slpete42! I need to check out Rosen's book.


Always enjoy your ideas. On my list:
Broad. The Science of Yoga.
Rosen. Original Yoga
because I am working through reconciling modern instruction/practice issues with perhaps facile references to the yogic wisdom through the ages.

Broad's book is wrapped as if it's to be definitive, but he makes minor reference errors that shake one's deisre to believe. Ends up feeling like a journalist's, not scholar's treatment. History and chapter on aerobics are interesting and informative for me. No one, I think, will like this book completely, but maybe everyone in yoga has to read it. So odd the NYTimes has been kind of a current day muck raker on yoga--- but no matter what, still helpful. Thankful for it.

Rosen book not much read yet by me. Long awaited as a "history of yoga" book to be fully attentive to various odd turns in practice. Not so much that way, the author's book is rather "how to" but perhaps with full reference to history of practices and claims. Thankful for it.

Mentioning these.

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