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June 18, 2012


Diane Cesa DeGiorgio

I'm so glad this resonated with you, Ashley! I love that you're skydive chick -- I just did 2 tandem skydives and am signing up for a 3rd. Gee, I think it's time that I got certified, as I'm now addicted!

Diane Cesa DeGiorgio

Thanks Matthew, Abhayayoga, and Rebecca!


Nice thoughts about enjoying the intention of improvement instead of achieving perfection.


This post hit home for me! As a blogger who is supposed to be an "expert" in my field, I often find that I'm hardest on myself for being human and making mistakes. It seems, more times than not, that others forgive us for being human moreso that we do ourselves. It's a delicate balance, but often the hardest advice to follow is your own.

Thank you so much for your honest sharing! I always try and keep people I read about off the pedestal, but when you only see a sliver of someone's life it's good to be reminded. :) Namaste!

Rebecca Stahl

So well said! I think about this all the time. I have been known to go a week or more without stepping on a yoga mat. I have been known to get stressed beyond belief. I have been known to scream and yell, even recently. Sometimes it hurts more to act in those ways because I think, "I do yoga, I should be better," or "I write a blog about not doing these things, so I should be better." But the truth is exactly what you say. Each post is a moment's insight, usually a reminder I need. Each non-yoga moment is a moment to practice coming back. Thanks for writing this.

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