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October 05, 2012


Joulebody Wellness

Truly enlightening! It's sometimes challenging to be more open, but once we allow ourselves that vulnerability, interesting things happen :)

I love this post, and you're exactly right. My husband HATES travel, and often tends to start out closed off, which means that all of these little annoyances get him more and more anxious and sometimes eventually all the way to angry.

I try so hard to stay open to whatever can happen, talking to people at coffee counters or next to me in the seats, bringing decks of cards or a book I've been dying to read.

And I love the idea of seeking out hugs from random strangers. What a cool and courageous thing to do! Husband would probably think I'd gone completely around the twist.

Dean Perry

Such a nice story. There's a lot of Trust involved in those random hugs (with a Capital T). If you can let go like that then I think you're definitely close to wide open - I admire it all. Thanks

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