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October 30, 2012


Nityda Lupkin

Thanks for this post. I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, an area that fared incredibly well during the recent hurricane- we managed to have no power loss and no flooding this time around. New Yorkers are incredibly independent people for the most part- many of us moved here alone in our late teens/early twenties, away from our families, to make our big dreams become a reality. Many neighbors here do not know a thing about one another, and it's not uncommon for people to avoid eye-contact during their commutes. However, I must say that in the midst of disaster, it's amazing how even the most independent of New Yorkers can come together to volunteer at shelters, donate goods, raise money, and help out their neighbors in need. Something about loss and disaster unites people in their compassion and fear- there is beauty to be found in loss.

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