5 Hottest Sex Tips For Women

A part of already being sexy and turning on men with just your looks, try a few of these things to get him going really. It’s refreshing and even more satisfying when you switch things up, and he will appreciate your efforts more than you know.

1. Be A Tease:

Don’t be as readily available as you normally are, instead make it into a little game where you’re resisting as much as humanly possible. Obviously, he is going to want to rip your clothes off and get down to business but try to avoid revealing too much while still being flirtatious and touchy. Starting off the day with passionate kisses and almost having sex before going different ways for work will drive him bonkers.

Leave him with the image of you turning him on and slightly touching him all over so that when it comes to being together again, he is more than ready to rumble.

2. Buy Lingerie:

Even if it’s out of your comfort zone, throw all of your insecurities away and buy some damn lingerie. The sexier you look and feel the more attracted he will be towards your confidence and body. Treat yourself to a cute little outfit that makes you feel sexy and you will int urn want to do even more erotic things in the bedroom.

Even if it’s taken off within the first 30 seconds, that visual will remain with him until the end of time, and he will be begging for you to slip it on the second you get home.

3. Learn To Role Play:

You don’t have to be a professional actor, but you do need to try to get in character to get the most out of it. Try any of his suggestions and slip into your old school girl outfit from Halloween ’08 and show him how bad of a girl you really are.

If all else fails and the role play isn’t for you at least give it a good effort because you and your partner could get a little closer sexually if you are willing to try different things and being open minded in the bedroom.

4. Sext More:

The second you’re thinking about casual sex why not just send over a little naughty message to your man? Not only will you catch him off guard but he was probably already thinking about having sex with you and knowing you are as well probably turned him on even more.

Don’t hesitate on getting as descriptive and revealing as possible because visuals and the imagination do wonders and will create an intense sexual tension before you’re able to have sex finally.

5. Be Dominant:

As much fun as being the submissive girl can be, there’s nothing sexier than taking control in the bedroom. Your partner might even be a little taken back knowing that you have an aggressive side so do whatever you can whether it be a blindfold, handcuffs or tying him up, to actually state your dominance.