5 Yoga Poses You Need to Try

Whether you are a fitness guru or are pretty sure Yoga is a green alien from Star Wars, it is never a bad idea for some intermittent yoga throughout your day. Whether you be at work or home, in the middle of an airport or checked in at a hotel, you could probably benefit from a quick 15-minute yoga sesh.

Yoga is good for your body, your mind, and your spirituality. If you don’t buy into that at the very least, you know that stretching feels good and yoga involves a whole lot of stretching.

Here are a couple poses you could totally drop into right now to make your day a little better:

1. Mountain Pose
If you spend most of your day in the office, you know how good it feels just to stand up for a second. Take that to another degree and get into mountain pose.

Raise your hands above your head, tense your quads to raise your tense up your knee caps, and splay your toes out pressing down through the floor.

This pose allows the whole length of your spine to get a good stretch, plus no one in your office will notice you getting your yogi on.

2. Seated Mediation

Having a rough day? Cross your legs over in a way that is comfortable. Bring your palms together at your chest and breathe deeply. Take this moment to focus on your breathing and forget about anything negative going on around you.

This is also great for if you’re having a particular good or emotional day and need some time for reflection and relaxation.

3. Legs-up-the-Wall

Another great pose for a long day is this one. Find a wall, lift your legs, press your butt against the wall, and relax your legs vertically. Lay your arms straight out in both directions, if you need it place a pillow or roll under your lower back.

This pose is restorative and meditative which makes it a winner if you’re having a stressful day or are left exhausted at the end of one. Be advised! This pose is extremely comfy and you may stand a good chance of falling asleep in your cubical if you do decide to do this one at work.

4. Partner Forward-Fold

Got a friend? Find a partner and sit facing one another with your legs spread out in a v. Touch your feet together and join hands. Take turns gently pulling your partner toward you stretching out their back.

This is great for when you and a friend need to destress. Plus you can’t get as deep as a stretch on your own. However, if you’re feeling a lot of tension in your lower back and hamstrings, you can achieve this pose on your own by walking your hands out in front of you and lowering your body to the floor.

5. Child’s Pose

Again, this is another pose for when you’re not feeling your best. Kneel forward and let your head rest on the floor. Lay your arms back with your palms up and allow your shoulders to open up or stretch them out in front of you. You can also spread your hips out underneath you to achieve a gentle hip opening pose.

All of these variations make for a very safe and restorative pose while passively opening your shoulders and hips if you choose.

If you want to learn more about different yoga poses, then check out the video below!