Blood Pressure Watch: Heart Rate is Under Control

Blood Pressure Watch: Heart Rate is Under Control


Modern smartwatches have a lot of valuable functions designed to pair the wristwatch accessory with your smartphone. But models with unique workout modes are no longer a surprise. On the other hand, the X-Wrist gadgets allowing you to monitor your health to the fullest extent are a real boon.

Why Blood Pressure Watch is a Must

The heart rate measurement technology in X-Wrist wearable gadgets is one of the main features that allows the wearer to know how fast the heart muscle is contracting. Heart rate enables you to understand what strain is critical for a person and determine if there are health problems at rest. 


For example, an elevated heart rate while performing daily activities is a clear sign of tachycardia and other health problems. But unfortunately, a person (especially the elderly) cannot carry a full-fledged blood pressure monitor with him all the time. 


On the other hand, the blood pressure watch always stays on the hand and is fully prepared to provide up-to-date information about blood pressure. Also, X-Wrist models have an ECG sensor, a helpful feature for health monitoring. Thus, you’ll always be aware of your vitals and be able to take medicines or see a doctor in time.


In general, the X-Wrist blood pressure watch has a lot of valuable functions, the main of which are as follows:


✔️ Convenience in everyday use

✔️ Determination of values at the touch of a button

✔️ The presence of a mobile application where you can track the dynamics of parameter changes

✔️ Recommendations that the program gives based on measurements

✔️ Relatively low price

✔️ Additional features include workouts or displaying calls and notifications, HD large screen, and water resistance.

Operating Principle

Probably everyone knows how the tonometer works. First, a person puts the cuff on his hand, which is fastened tightly, and then the process of pumping air starts. So it is how a mechanical or electronic tonometer can determine the pulse and pressure readings. Smartwatches function on a different principle, easily explained by their compact size. 


Such a device can’t work on the scheme of a tonometer, so the gadgets have special sensors. The main one is a sensor to determine the heart rate, represented by a small green light bulb installed on the inside of the watch. This part fits tightly to the wrist when a person wears a smartwatch with pressure and pulse measurements. 


You can determine the frequency by detecting changes in blood volume with a photosensor. When the blood flow increases, the sensor records the heart rate. But such smartwatches do not measure blood pressure.


 Instead, the information obtained by the heart rate monitor is used to calculate this characteristic, and then through mathematical calculations, the final figure is determined. Thus, the watch with the function of measuring blood pressure allows you to track the dynamics, which is very revealing and helpful.

Summing Up

The X-Wrist blood pressure watch will be an excellent buy for yourself and your loved ones. They are handy for people who suffer from hypertension. Elevated values signal that it is time to consult a doctor. This feature also comes in handy for athletes who will be able to monitor their condition during training, such as jogging or exercising in the gym. So the X-Wrist blood pressure watch is a real boon for people who monitor their health.

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