How these 5 forms of mediation and relaxation benefit affiliate marketers

When you are working hard at something for a long period of time your brain – and often your body – will start to feel burnt out. One way to combat this is to take a break and focus on something else via relaxation methods. Affiliate marketing and other businesses or side-hustles that require a lot of attention can increase your stress level exponentially. While working in high stress environments is rewarding and exciting, stress can be hard on your health. Here are five forms of relaxation and how they can benefit your productivity.

1.  Yoga

Stress can cause your muscles and the rest of your body to tense and for you to become increasingly uncomfortable. Practicing yoga relieves stress in your muscles and helps relax your mind along with your body.
You don’t have to be wildly flexible to practice yoga either. There are poses that are suited for every skill level. Yoga can also help promote flow – which is when your brain solves problems in the background while you’re focused on something else.

2.  Meditation

In addition to promoting flow, meditation can help you find some inner peace amongst your hectic work environment. Mediation can help ease anxiety which is something that a lot of people struggle with regardless of their work load.

Taking time to practice some deep breathing with your eye closed can increase your productivity while decreasing your stress level. Mediation has been credited with many more health benefits as well.

3.  Free writing

When you’re working in affiliate marketing or any other creative work environment, you may find yourself with a case of writer’s block. When you’re trying to write interesting copy for your blog or trying to figure out a creative way to market you may hit a wall.

Trying out freewriting can help you move past this productivity killer.
The best way to do this is to write out what’s on your mind. Or if you are looking to be more creative there are plenty of sites that have tools and prompts to help you move past writer’s block. One of which – that is a personal favorite – is

4.  Walking/Running

Walking and running are often credited as types of mediation. A lot of people fall into a certain mindset when they are long distance running that is calm. If you are not game for long distance running, walking may be easier for you. 

Additionally, moving around allows increased blood flow to the brain which helps when it comes to decision making and creative thinking.

If you do not have time for a leisurely stroll or a long run there is no harm in running it out for a brief period. As well as increasing blood flow to the brain, running relieve stress and increases endorphins thus improving your mood.

5.  Hypnosis

While this may sound crazy, hypnosis is often considered nothing more than a form of deep, guided meditation. There are plenty of audiobooks and clips online for productivity increasing meditation. These usually include positive and motivational self-talk which can help you focus on accomplishing your tasks.

Looking for more tips on meditation for business or side-hustle success?  Check out the video below, or continue reading more affiliate marketing tips and tricks on the #1 dating affiliate network.

5 Suprising Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is not just for crunchy granola people. Yoga is for anyone who is seeking something to improve their physical and mental health. The physical and spiritual aspects of yoga help with bodily healing and emotional healing. Practicing yoga also allows you to find both inner peace with yourself and outer peace with those around you.

While you think you might prefer other kinds of exercises to yoga, introducing this beneficial, less cardiovascular exercise into your regime can only benefit your fitness journey further.

1. Improves overall physical health
Yoga is most certainly not just glorified stretching. Yoga allows your body to heal and improve itself in ways medications can’t help with, and some exercise cannot achieve.

If you are incapable of rigorous exercise, yoga is the perfect way to keep your body healthy and active without having to lift your weight on a press-up bar.

Yoga not only improves your flexibility and athleticism but it helps you regulate your adrenal glands and drain your lymph nodes which allow you to better fight infection. It lowers your blood pressure and gently strengthens areas of your body. It relieves tension in painful areas such as your neck, back, and hips.

2. Improves Mental Health
The relaxing and meditative nature of yoga allows you to improve your mental state as well. You are allowed time to work on yourself and improve your practice which leads to self-confidence and increases in productivity.

You are also able to mediate during this time. This allows your mind to work on the things that are stressing you out or forget them for a moment. This allows your stress level to drop – which is good for your physical health – and leads to an increase in happiness.

3. Soothes Cramps
One of the most frustrating things about being a woman is enduring the pain that comes with menstruation. Yoga poses release tension in the areas of a woman’s body that tighten up and cramp during that time of the month. Poses such as reclined goddess, cat/cow, and wide legged child’s pose allows your muscles to open up and relax.

Additionally, yoga is relaxing and being on your period can lead to increased stress and anxiety.

4. Adds to Your Relationships
Yoga is often performed alone, but there are many ways to integrate one or more people into your practice through partnered poses and gatherings.  You can even find a compatible (and flexible) yoga-sex partner on certain casual fuck sites.

Your brain bonds with people you do yoga with, similarly to how you feel a certain closeness to someone after you sing together. Allow your body to sing with your loved ones’ or a friends’ through yoga. Doing things like this together is both relaxing and fun for couples and friends.

5. It Helps You Poop

Not to be crass, but this is a fact. Due to stress and poor diet constipation plagues many of people. Poses like seated meditation allows your body to relax while poses such as standing forward bend and seated twist stimulate your digestive system. Strings of bending and twisting poses put slight – but not uncomfortable pressure – on your stomach which can help ease constipation.

Check out the video below for more info on the benefits of yoga!